Are You New To Massage ?

Arrive a few minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment so that you have time to quietly relax and fill out a client card.  When your  therapist is ready, he or she will invite you into a private room equipped with a professional massage table and supplies.  The massage therapist will discuss any specific issues you are having and answer any questions.  The therapist will step out of the room allowing you  to undress  and lie on the massage table covered by the sheet provided.  While you are having your massage, please tell your therapist if the pressure is too firm or not firm enough.  We want your experience to be healing and enjoyable.


After your massage, your therapist will assist you up from the table.  Some people experience momentary "light-headedness" following a massage.  It will go away.  Get dressed and claim your personal belongings.  Let your therapist know how you feel about the massage.


Drinking extra water for a few days following your massage is suggested to prevent any detoxifying effects such as headaches, muscle soreness and tiredness.


ABOVE ALL...Relax and Enjoy!!




Specialty Techniques 

If you have a particular pain or concern be sure to convey that when you make your appointment, so we can match you with the appropriate therapist .We each have our specialties 


If you have had deep muscle work done, some soreness the following day is normal. A soak in a lukewarm bath with relaxing oils and/or bath salts will alleviate soreness.



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